種族歧視條例 Racial Discrimination Ordinance

推行背景 Implementation Background

《種族歧視條例》的生效,為全港居民,包括少數族裔居民,提供了免受歧視的法律保障及申訴渠道。根據 2006 年統計處的資料,本港有近 40 萬名少數族裔人士在香港居住或工作,佔本港總人口的 5.1% 。

經過本會及眾多關注團體十多年來的爭取,禁止種族歧視的《種族歧視條例》終於在 2009 年 7 月全面生效。


The Race Discrimination Ordinance provides a legal framework to protect Hong Kong citizens including ethnic minorities from racial discrimination as well as channels for lodging complaints.

According to the data from the Census and Statistics Department in 2006, around 400,000 members of ethnic minorities lived or worked in Hong Kong, which accounted for 5.1% of the total population.

With joint efforts of Hong Kong Unison and other concerned parties over a decade, the Race Discrimination Ordinance came into effect in July 2009.

We will continue to organise education programmes for ethnic minority communities to help them better understand their legal rights under the scope of protection. Besides, we will monitor closely the Equal Opportunities Commission in the implementation of the Race Discrimination Ordinance.


條例漏洞 Loopholes in the Ordinance




The proposed Race Discrimination Bill contained many discriminatory provisions and was regarded as too weak. Together with Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor and some legislative councillors, Hong Kong Unison reflected out concerns to the United Nations office in Geneva.

Our action aroused awareness in the society and gained the support of some legislative councillors, eventually forcing the government to amend or delete some of the provisions in the Bill. The Race Discrimination Ordinance passed is thus able to provide Hong Kong citizens with better protection.

The Race Discrimination Ordinance still has many loopholes. For instance, discrimination based on nationality is not forbidden under the current Ordinance. The Ordinance is also not applicable to the government in performance of its functions or exercise of its powers. Unison will continue to advocate for further amendment in relevant provisions.


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