使用其他公共服務 Access to Other Public Services



本會亦向多名行政會議成員及立法會議員游說後,財政司司長曾俊華在 08/09 年度財政預算案提出兩項協助少數族裔的措施,包括增加指定學校數目及成立 4 所地區支援中心。這是特區政府回歸十多年後,首次在財政預算案中提及及關注到少數族裔的需要。

目前, 4 所地區支援中心仍然運作,並於社區內提供直接社會服務予少數族裔居民。


Ethnic minorities are often excluded from access to public services or could not benefit fully from the services due to language barriers. These problems have received some attention through joint efforts with various concerned parties and the help from the media, and some service providers have made improvements in the recent years.

For example, the Hospital Authority has funded social service organisations to provide interpretation service in public hospitals. The Employees Retraining Board and the Labour Department have started to provide programmes and services that cater to the needs of ethnic minorities. There are drug abuse prevention task forces that target ethnic minorities, and drug rehabilitation centres are more willing to accept ethnic minorities in the recent years.

Furthermore, through our lobbying efforts with Executive Councillors and Legislative Councillors, the Financial Secretary John Tsang had incorporated two suggestions in the Budget 2008/2009 to help ethnic minorities. These included increasing the number of designated schools and setting up four regional support service centres. This was the first time that the Budget took into account the needs of ethnic minorities since the handover of the HKSAR over a decade ago.

We will continue to address the concerns of ethnic minorities and urge the government to provide more appropriate services to suit their needs. Besides, we will also continue to urge the government and other social service providers to accommodate the needs of ethnic minority service users (such as providing interpretation services when needed) to ensure that ethnic minorities receive the same quality of services as local Chinese residents.

工作策略 Working Strategies:

  • 透過政制及內地事務局和民政事務總署的平台
    Through platforms of CMAB and HAD
  • 媒體工作

預期成果 Expected outcomes:

  • 改善公共服務使用和資訊流通
    Better access to public services and information
  • 所有公共服務均有雙語資訊
    Bi-lingual information in all public services
  • 在醫院、法庭和警局均有優質翻譯服務
    Quality interpretation services in hospital, court and police sectors


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