權力濫用 Power abuse against ethnic minorities


工作議題 Issues we are working on:

  • 跟進個別濫用警權案件
    Individual cases of police power abuse
  • 跟進林寶案
    Follow up on the Limbu Case
  • 增強學警的文化敏感度
    Enhance cultural sensibility of Police recruits
  • 爭取在前線執法人員操作指引加上反種族歧視的條文,約束警員執勤時的行為
    Advocate for adding to the Police General Orders and Procedures Manual provisions against racial discriminatory practices

工作策略 Working Strategies:

  • 在警察學院舉行民族敏感度講座
    Talks at the police college on cultural sensitivity
  • 與油尖旺警民關係科合作
    Community liaison with Yau Tsim Mong Kok Police District
  • 間中與警務處直接對話
    Occasional direct communications with the Police Force
  • 研究

預期成果 Expected outcomes:

  • 前線執法人員操作指引能約束和防止執勤警員的種族歧視
    Addition of new provisions in the Police General Orders and Procedures Manual to prohibit racial discrimination in police practices
  • 定期為學警和在職前線警務人員舉行文化敏感度訓練
    Regular cultural sensitivity trainings for police recruits and officers
  • 少數族裔受警方公平對待
    Equal and fair treatments from the police when they deal with ethnic minorities


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