Vocational and Professional Training 職業訓練和專業培訓


社會工作副學士課程 Associate Degree Programme in Social Work

經本會向多方面的爭取下,於 2010/11 學年度,成功協助兩名少數族裔青年在豁免中文要求的情況下入讀社會工作副學士課程,他們將有望成為本港第一批非華裔社會工作者。而於 2011/12 年度亦將有 4-5 位少數族裔青年入讀同一課程。

除此之外,我們亦於 2011 年與職工盟培訓中心合作,舉辦了香港首個專為少數族裔而設的社區工作證書課程,此課程屬僱員再培訓局的新技術提升計劃之一,旨在為現職社福機構的程序工作員裝備自己,以爭取日後入讀社工課程。


Under Unison's advocacy efforts, two ethnic minority youths were admitted to the Associate Degree Programme in Social Work in 2010/11 after their Chinese language admissions requirements were waived. These students will hopefully become the first batch of ethnic minority social workers in Hong Kong. In the 2011/12 school year, 4-5 more ethnic minority youths were admitted into the same programme.

We also partnered with The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Union to run the Module Certificate in Community Networking and Programme Planning, the first of its kind tailored for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. As part of the Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus of the Employees Retraining Board, the course is tailored for non-Chinese speakers who are working as programme workers in social service organizations, and aims to prepare them for social work training in the future.

These initiatives opened up new professional training opportunities for ethnic minorities who wish to serve the community, and helped them develop their potential and achieve their goals. We believe that the ethnic minorities who benefit from these new programmes will be a great contribution to the society, and could help the ethnic minority community and others in the society.

工作議題 Issues we are working on :

  • 為中五、中六畢業生爭取更多在職業訓練局和香港專業教育學院的出路
    More options for F.5/F.6 graduates in VTC and IVE
  • 爭取擴闊在僱員再培訓局的出路
    More options in the Employees Retraining Board (ERB)

工作策略 Working Strategies:

  • 向有關培訓機構(例如明愛、香港專業教育學院和職業訓練局)進行遊說
    Directly communicate with the training institutions, e.g. Caritas, IVE and ERB
  • 傳媒工作
  • 研究

預期成果 Expected outcomes:

  • 在社工、護士等各種專業中見到少數族裔人士
    Ethnic minorities being seen in various professional sectors, such as social work, nursing etc



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