Petition to the CE for improving the Chinese language education of ethnic minorities

This letter petition aims at arousing Mr. CY Leung’s attention on the public’s concern Chinese language education for ethnic minorities. We appeal to your support to make a difference together.

Letter Campaign concluding petition:

From late June to mid October in 2013, we have sent over 300 petition letters to the Chief Executive Office and collected over 5000 public signatures, which shows the Hong Kong society's concern over education for ethnic minorities.

To conclude the campaign, Hong Kong Unison and ethnic minority representatives presented the petition to Mr CY Leung and the Executive Council on 12th November, 2013. Chief Executive Mr CY Leung, Executive Council members Mr WK Lam, Ms Anna Wu, Mrs Regina Ip and Ms Starry Lee came to receive the petition letters in person.

To learn more about the letter campaign, you can refer to our designated website.