Chinese Performance Scholarship 2020-2021


Since 2017, Dr. K. K. Wong Charity Act has been supporting the Chinese Performance Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students (Form 6 graduates) who performed well in DSE Chinese and GCE(AL) Chinese examinations. The award criteria include performance in Chinese language subject in public examination, Chinese proficiency and participation in extra-curricular activities in relation to Chinese language. 

Our gratitude to our sponsor: Dr. Wong Kam Kuen Charity Acts

Ms. Rai Saareeka
Ms. Tobar Geanna Trisha Lopez
Ms. Saqib Hadia
Ms. Thapa Celcia
Mr. Mohammad Usman
Mr. Mohammad Fazan
Ms. Anila Shah
Mr. UL Abbadin Zain
Mr. Waheed Abdul
Mr. Khan Mohammad Khalid
Ms. Amanpreet-Kaur
Ms. Zufaqar Samra
Ms. Shehzadi Kanwal