Our People

Hong Kong Unison was founded by Ms. Fermi Wong, a social worker in Hong Kong back in 2001.
To date, we’ve grown in an organisation with six staff members, governed by a Board (the Executive Committee) consisting of board members who came from diversified areas. 

Our Founder


Ms. Wong Wai-fun, Fermi

“To act justly, and love mercy” is the value that propelled Hong Kong Unison's Founder, Ms. Fermi Wong, to incessantly advocate for ethnic minority residents in Hong Kong. She was awarded the 2012 Hong Kong Humanity Award in recognition of her long-term contribution to humanity through serving the vulnerable.

Learn more about Fermi’s story with Hong Kong Unison:

The Executive Committee

Name Position

Alice Prof. Alice Chong  


Puja Ms. Puja Kapai Paryani

Vice Chair

Jeff Mr. Jeffrey Andrews

Vice Chair

Cheng Ms. Cheng Po Wah


Dr. Chan Ka Lok Kenneth


Mr. Lai Kin Kwok


Ms. Margaret Ng


Mr. Rajkumar Tiwari


Prof. Wong Hung


Ms. Wong Wai-fun, Fermi


Mr. Wong Wing Ping, Joseph


Our Staff


Executive Director
Phyllis Cheung Fung-Mei

Phyllis has been fighting with the vulnerable for their rights for more than 15 years in various places including Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong. She has extensive experience working with communities and civil society organisations. She yearns for an inclusive society where no one, regardless of race, ethnicity, skin colour, and language is left behind. Phyllis believes in empowerment – let the marginalized understand their inherent rights and obligations, encourage them to speak for themselves, support other individuals and engage in the community. Phyllis is a dog lover and has two adopted furry kids at home.


Project Manager
Payal Biswas

Payal is passionate about education and empowerment of mariginalised groups especially the youth. She believes in the transformative impact of human rights education and promote a culture of human rights where human dignity and equality are paramount. Payal has over 10 years’ experience in non-governmental organisations in India and Hong Kong. At Hong Kong Unison she has worked in different roles of community organizing and youth development. In her current role Payal leads advocacy and policy work and supports community organizing, campaign and youth development projects. Born and raised in India, Payal studied at Delhi University. Outside of work, she loves to explore new places to eat and is a booklover.  


Communication Officer
Pete Cheng Juk-Hei

Before devoting his full time position at Hong Kong Unison, Pete has stayed in Latin America for almost 3 years after graduating his B.A. in Philosophy at CUHK.
Inspired by his personal experience of living with the Indigenous Mayans, Pete is greatly interested in ethno-cultural minority rights issues and aspired to become an expert in minority rights advocacy and multiculturalism. He is currently responsible for minority policy advocacy and analysis, youth works, public education and media work at Unison. He is also a journalist who specialised in the subjects related to Latin America and sociocultural comparison with Asia.


Community Officer
Rashmita Tamrakar

Rashmita our community officer helps in engaging and building relationships with the ethnic minority community. She provides support for ethnic minority individuals and families; conducting and following up on outreach; conducting education workshops; leading focus groups and concern groups. She acquired her Bachelors in information management degree from Tribhuwan University and has been working in the NGO sector for past six years. She is an artistic person and enjoys making portraits and sketches.


Project Officer
Fred Lam Fai

Fred acquired his master degree in social work and bachelor degree in social sciences from CUHK and Lingnan University respectively.  He has been an active citizen for two decades and played active roles in various social movements and organizations.  Fred is also a writer and travel maniac who had been to more than 70 countries and published two travelogues. He considers himself a global citizen and believes in the power of truth and empathy. 


Finance & Administrative Officer
Regina To Siu-Ching

Regina is Finance & Administrative Officer and has been working at Unison since 2019. Her job duties include Human Resources, Administrations and Accounting. Regina is happy to see that Unison is to promote equal opportunities in education for ethnic minorities. Before joining Unison, Regina has also worked in the non-profit and commercial sector for over 15 years.