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Volunteer your time and skills to empower ethnic minorities.

Volunteers are always a vital part of our team at Hong Kong Unison. Volunteering with us is not only a great way to help the ethnic minority community and support equal equity in Hong Kong, but also an opportunity to use your skills for a worthy cause or for gaining work experience and exposure to right issues.

Our volunteer needs include helping with office administration, translation and events, tutoring...

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Scholarship Sponsorship

Hong Kong Unison is administering two scholarship schemes for ethnic minority students, namely:

Chinese Performance Scholarship

Since 2017, Dr. K. K. Wong Charity Act has been supporting the Chinese Performance Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students (Form 6 graduates) who performed well in DSE Chinese and GCE(AL) Chinese examinations. The award criteria include performance in Chinese language subject in public examination, Chinese proficiency and participation in extra-curricular activities in relation to Chinese language. 


Tertiary Education Scholarship

The Tertiary Scholarship Scheme for Ethnic Minority Students, since its launch in 2008, has been giving financial assistance to students from underprivileged families. The scholarship is awarded based on criteria such as excellence in academic performance, financial needs, social stewardship, leadership skills as well as commitment to contributing to society.


Scholarship Programme Objectives

1. To support ethnic minority youths who are keen to pursue their tertiary education but are facing financial difficulties;
2. To widen their career paths and provide them equal opportunity to become contributing members of Hong Kong society;
3. To instill the spirit of hope, a sense of direction and leadership among the ethnic minority youth.

To date, more than 250 ethnic minority youth have been awarded tertiary scholarships.

Scholarship Sponsorship

Hong Kong Unison charges 10% of the scholarship sponsorship as administration fee. The cost covered by the administration fee includes that of maintaining and disbursing scholarship funds, printing and publicity, planning and organizing scholarship awardees’ community service activities and other scholarship activities, follow-up with individual awardees etc.

Scholarship Programme Sponsorship

Sponsors can choose to sponsor only the training programmes (e.g. expenses on venue rental, printing, snack, etc.) and /or programme fees (e.g. opening and closing ceremonies, team building activities, graduates’ celebration etc.)

Please contact for more details if you are interested in sponsoring the scholarship schemes. 

Partner with Us

You can be a changemaker by supporting racial equality in Hong Kong.

Together we can build a more inclusive society for ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong Unison has strong experiences in corporate partnership – we provide employee engagement and volunteering opportunities. We always welcome partners to offer workplace visits, mock job interviews, career workshops, and internship opportunities. 

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