Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

  1. To advocate change in education policies for racial diversity, equal access to education and full participation in the education process 
  2. To address the impact of laws and policies on ethnic minorities and call for incorporation of racial equity in reforms
  3. To facilitate the organisation and development of ethnic minority communities, especially youth engagement in active citizenship and social participation. 


Our Approach

  • Right-based approach: The realisation and protection of human rights is at the heart of our mission. We seek to empower them to know and claim their rights, and to ensure human rights are integrated into policy-making
  • Research-based intervention: We work to effect policy and practice changes, and improve policies, programmes and services for ethnic minorities, with an aim to achieve greater social justice and equality
  • Community organising: We help ethnic minority residents/communities build capacity, make their views known to policy-makers and their community, as well as get involved in developing real solutions to problems