She Says
She Says
Editors: Mandy Cheuk, Holing Yip | Pub. date: | Price: 78
Hong Kong is a diverse metropolitan, and yet for many people in this Chinese-majority city, the diverse faces and stories of ethnic minorities blur into a homogeneous impression. Without deeper understanding of each other, we have little hope in eliminating stereotypes and fighting prejudices and discrimination. Through this series of portraits and stories of 17 women from diverse backgrounds, "She says - Photographing Ethnic Minority Women of Hong Kong" sets out to tell their life stories and break stereotypes. What we captured at the end was picture upon picture of courage, compassion, strength and grace. "Women are very strong by nature. A woman can handle many things and achieve many things," said one of the women.
Editors: 王惠芬、葉皓羚 | Pub. date: | Price: 108 HKD
《無酵餅-「中文為第二語言」教與學初探》一書,集結各範疇專家的文章,涵蓋政策、課室、人權、社會政治等範疇及角度,探討如何繼續發展「中文為第二語言」教與學。 無酵餅是不加入酵母的簡單麵包食品。本書借用「無酵餅」原始、沒有加入酵母的意思,寓意教育局是在巨大政治壓力下匆忙推出「中國語文課程第二語言學習架構」,各項必要元素和配套仍然不足,學術界和教育界對中文為第二語言的討論及研究亦只是在起步階段,就好像當年猶太人為了逃避埃及法老王的追兵,匆忙預備無酵餅作走難時的食物,沒時間讓麵粉團發酵一樣。