"Love You All" Volunteer Project


Our volunteers who provide invaluable support in achieving our mission are our precious resources. In 2009, Hong Kong Unison carried out a one-year project named “Love U All” Volunteer Project to develop volunteerism for both Ethnic Minority and Chinese people. We gathered ethnic minority youth and local Chinese volunteers together serving vulnerable groups in Hong Kong. The racial harmony was promoted through the partnership after a series of volunteer training as well as setting-up of a Youth Concern Group and Volunteer Award Scheme.


•  To cultivate social awareness among youths and other participants
•  To build the sense of worth among ethnic minorities youths
•  To promote embracing of different cultures and races among the society


Anyone who would like to volunteer with ethnic minorities Students, at any age and gender

Time Frame

First Stage:


03/2009 ~ 05/2009

Second Stage:


06/2009 ~ 08/2009

Third Stage:


09/2009 ~ 11/2009

** Participants are welcome to join any one of the stage(s), or all stages.

Core Requirement

Participants are required to attend at least two sessions of training and two times of services. Each time, a volunteer allowance of $50 will be provided for their participation. The first training session was held on 10 March 2009 at our office.

Love Ambassador Award

Training and service hours will be recorded until the end of 2009 . The ten volunteers with the highest number of hours will win the Love Ambassador Award.

Top ten "Love Ambassador" volunteers

•  Damai Rabina (Pak Kau College)
•  Limbu Sunayna (Pak Kau College)
•  Rana Sonam (Pak Kau College)
•  Ale Jyoti Sara (Pak Kau College)
•  Yama Wong (Adult volunteer)
•  Heidi Hung (Adult volunteer)
•  Simon Wong (Adult volunteer)
•  Sehrish (Pak Kau College)
•  Gurung Rabindra (Pak Kau College)

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Project details



Visit to Residential Home

Over 20 volunteers visited the Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Care and Attention Home in Yuen Long, include 14 ethnic minorities students from Pak Kau College and 7 Chinese volunteers partnered together to bring happiness to the old people there. With the help of the Chinese volunteers, ethnic minorities students managed to break the ice and communicate with the old people using their basic Cantonese.

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18/04/2009   Visit to Elderly People's Home

418 volunteers, include students from Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial School and Unison's volunteers visited the old people in Buddhist Li Ka Shing Care and Attention Home. Besides playing games and singing songs, the ethnic minorities students also delivered a wonderful magic show, bringing warmth and happiness to the residents there.

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16/05/2009   Visit to Zheng Sheng College

About 90 volunteers visited Zheng Sheng College at Lantau Island. Volunteers participating in the visit mainly came from Hong Kong Unison and four schools joining the LOVE U ALL Project, i.e., Pak Kau College, Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial School, Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) and Delia Memorial School (Broadway).

Zheng Sheng Colleg, the only secondary school and hostel for young people with substance abuse in Hong Kong. Zeng Sheng is also one of the few drug rehabilitation agencies who are willing to serve ethnic minority drug users. Thanks to the arrangement by the school Principal, Mr. Chan and the other staff, we have the chance to listen to frank sharing from students there, i.e., their suffering from the drug-taking habit and their road to recovery. In addition, they have also prepared delicious homemade pizza and samosa for us. On the whole, many volunteers found the visit a meaningful and precious exposure.

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12/07/2009   Participated in 712 Cultural Tour

Thanks to the arrangement of our chairman, Dr Keezhangatte James Joseph, our volunteers had the opportunities to know culture and religion of ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong. The cultural tour was held on 12 July during which participants had visited three places of worship: the Sikh Temple and the Masjid Ammar & O.R. Saddick Islamic Centre in Wan Chai; and the Hindu Temple in Happy Valley.

The purpose of the tour was to promote cultural and ethnic understanding. Besides witnessing different religious ceremonies, our volunteers had the luck to taste traditional Indian food in Sikh and Hindu Temple. On the whole, it was a new and memorable experience.

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22/08/2009   Visit to MR Hostel

Over 20 volunteers, from Pak Kau College and Hong Kong Unison, visited TWGHs Tsin Kan Day Activity Centre cum Hostel. It is the first time our volunteers having direct encounter with MR people. Despite language and intellectual barrier, we have tried our best to communicate with residents there, hoping to bring care and happiness to them. On the whole, we found the visit meaningful and participants have better understanding towards this group of vulnerable people in Hong Kong.

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31/10/2009   Visit to students with special learning needs

About 25 volunteers from Hong Kong Unison and Delia Memorial School (Broadway) visited Mary Rose School which receiving students with special learning needs. Our volunteers showed their artistic talents by performing cultural dance, singing, magic show and Teakwando. They showed their passionate heart while making handicrafts together and talking with students. It also took courage for non-Chinese students and volunteers to talk in Cantonese outside classrooms.

“We share, talk and laugh together!”, volunteers shared surprisingly that they cannot expect the students reacted so actively. They used “Awesome” and “educational” as the concluding words for the day!

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15/11/2009   Visit to the Elderly Home

About 40 volunteers visited the Kowloon Women's Welfare Association Wong Cheung Kin Memorial Elderly Home. They were from the Hong Kong Unison and Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo). Our student volunteers showed their artistic talent, by singing songs and performing hip hop dance. We also played games with old people there. On the whole, students found it a fruitful experience as they learned a lot from the activities. They also enjoyed talking to the old people, trying to break the ice by using their limited Cantonese.

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21/11/2009   Visit to Halfway Home

15 students and volunteers from Hong Kong Unison and Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College visited members who are people with ex-mental illness from halfway house of The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong. Students and volunteers showed their leadership and passionate heart through playing mass game, performing magic show, drawing pictures and chatting with each others. As a whole, they treasure a lot about this multicultural experience. Assumptions such as language barriers, strange behaviors were proved to be wrong! They have developed a deeper understanding and enjoyed a wonderful morning time.

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05/12/2009   Visit to MR school

About 20 volunteers visited the Hong Chi Pinehill Village Pre-School Centre at Tai Po, bringing warmth and care to mentally retarded kids there. The volunteers are from the Unison and Pak Kau College . We were playing games and singing songs together with the kids. Once again, the traditional Nepalese dance performed by our student volunteers had impressed the audience. As it was the last volunteer event for the LOVE U ALL project, our volunteers treasured about this opportunity. On the whole, they found the experience so fruitful; and they committed to continue doing volunteer services after the project.

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