Tertiary Education Scholarship 2022-2023

專上教育獎學金 2022-2023

Hong Kong Unison has administered the Scholarships Schemes for Ethnic Minority Students since 2008. The Tertiary Scholarship Scheme for Ethnic Minority Students has been giving financial assistance to students from underprivileged families. The scholarship is awarded based on criteria such as excellence in academic performance, financial needs, social stewardship, leadership skills as well as commitment to contributing to society. With the generous support of various donors, we are able to financially support ethnic minority students in their pursuit of post-secondary education.


2022-2023 Results

We are happy to announce the list of awardees for year 2022-23. This year we have selected 43 awardees. 

We also would like to show our gratitude to sponsors and supporters who have made the scheme possible for Unison and local ethnic minorities

Members of the Interview Panel

Prof. Alice Chong, Chair Unison ExCo
Mr. Lai Kin Kwok, Unison Vice Chair Unison ExCo
Mr. Tayyeb Mohamed, Unison ExCo
Mr. Club Thapa, Unison ExCo
Ms. Mandy Cheuk, Unison Subcommittee member
Dr. Ahmed Syed Shakeel, Member of Unison
Ms. Elaine Ho, Representative of Ho & Fung Charitable Foundation Limited
Mr. Simon Au Yeung, Representative of Merkle Tree Innovation Foundation
Ms. Anisha Sakhrani, Representative of The Amber Foundation EMPOWER program
Ms. Manisha Wijesinghe, Representative of The Amber Foundation EMPOWER program

Awardees of Unison Tertiary Education Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students 2022-23

Young Changemaker Scholarship (YCS) 2022

The Amber Foundation Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students
(Supported by The Amber Foundation and Mr. Ashok & Mrs. Rekha Sakhrani)

Ms. Datta Sharnasree
Ms. Nadeem Aiman
Ms. Dura Hema
Ms. Anum Zoya
Ms. Saqib Hadia
Ms. Tobar Geanna Trisha Lopez
Ms. Khan Anmol
Ms. Nebra Younis
Ms. Gurung Shirish

Ho & Fung Charitable Foundation Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students

Mr. Muhammad Junaid Khalid
Ms. Kirti Harkirat Kaur
Ms. Kumar Tvesha Sanjay
Ms. Unzala
Ms. Kumar Tvesha Sanjay
Mr. Zain Ul Abbadin

Unison Young Changemaker Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students
(Supported by various donors, including Merkle Tree Innovation Foundation, The Helena May, and Dr. Chan Nim Chung)

Mr. Muhammad Umair
Ms. Marjan Seyed Ahamed Refayee
Ms. Omme Kulsoom Akhtar
Ms. Jacqueline C. A. Parungao
Mr. Ahmed Hanan Amjad
Ms. Asif Kainaat
Mr. Kumar Aman
Mr. Hussain Qasim
Ms. Aaizah Zaidy Zahid
Ms. Alquitran Chloe Denise Hipolito
Mr. Muhammad Huzafa
Ms. Maryam Amreen Malik
Ms. Ali Kayna Pardines
Ms. Awan Kayenat
Ms. Sadaf-Riaz
Ms. Lotfifard Zahra
Mr. Mohideen Yusuf
Ms. Sherpa Tshomo
Ms. Zulfaqar Samra
Mr. Leung Basil Justin Serrano

Bright Youth Scholarship (BYS) 2022
(Supported by various donors)

Ms. Ijaz Aesha
Ms. Nwokike Goodness
Ms. Thebe Nimsing
Ms. Muhammad Bisma Afzal
Mr. Mohammad Basat Ali
Ms. Dalal Ismatbanu Junedbhai
Ms. Khan Kiran Nisa