Racial Harmony @School Project


Since Sep 2004, the Education Bureau (EDB) adopted a new arrangement for the education of ethnic minority children. Under the new policy, these children could opt to study in mainstream primary school that help them integrate into the community earlier. However, new challenges were brought to schools such as structured Chinese language classes, adaptation of students, teachers and principals, and supportive resources. Besides, building a racial inclusive learning environment is another new issue.

Unison believes, the promotion of multi-culture education could reinforce the racial awareness and sensitivity. It also facilitates the acceptance among different races, and mutual appreciation with respect. In long term, it could benefit the Inclusive Education that align with the goal of EDB's new policy. In response to the new policy, we kicked off an innovative project in 2005, Racial Harmony @School to promote racial harmony message at school. It gave Chinese students' exposure to Ethnic Minorities culture in HK, which helped to promote greater cross-cultural understanding and create a racial inclusive environment in school.

Over the past 5 years, we witnessed the positive changes of students, teachers and principals at schools towards racial equality and harmony issues. Their concerns to ethnic minority students have also been increased, that was what we anticipated to see a harmonious picture around schools, neighborhoods, communities. The project has several program such as roving exhibitions, talks, and interactive drama, to promote the racial harmony more effectively, and expanded the coverage of the activities to public.


We aim

•  To drive racial harmony
•  To promote racial equality and multi-culture appreciation
•  To enhance competitiveness for Ethnic Minorities students


Project details

a) Roving Multicultural Exhibition to have public experience in and enrich knowledge of different cultures, religions, histories etc.

Multicultural exhibition 2009 photos

Traditional costume dressing

Mehndi drawing

Traditional snacks tasting


b) Racial Harmony School Talks to have public understand the uniqueness of and appreciate different nationalities and ethnics.

Racial Harmony Talks photos

c) Racial Harmony Interactive Theatre to reflect the importance of racial equality and harmony through interactive participation.

Racial Harmony Interactive Theatre photos

d) Celebrating 3-21!! International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Carnival

On 20th March 2010, we organized this carnival to enhance public awareness on multicultural issues, promote the message of racial harmony and equality and encourage the importance of eliminating of racial discrimination in the society. There were game stalls and wide varieties of cultural show performed by different ages and races. In this harmonious and beautiful day, participants enjoyed the carnival and helped spreading important messages to the public.

3-21!! Carnival 2010 details




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